TGoV - Episode 18 - The Rabbit's Final Bite

In the words of Odrak, half-orc bard of Goremarrow
played by Howard Tayler

My sister sure stepped in it this time. When we arrived at House Veneret, Thorn’s mother Rose acted as a magnanimous hostess, despite Fleeda breaking her stuff and Krustov winking at her a few times. She agreed to accommodate the Cloudscape refugees and lock up our prisoners Katla and Marlasar. During dinner, House Veneret’s spy network intercepted a message sent by the dragonborn guard Raleph to either House Turnaxion or some bounty hunters interested in Krustov’s head. Either way, we’ve got trouble headed our direction. Meanwhile, somehow Katla killed two Veneret guards. When we couldn’t figure out how, we sedated and searched her. We discovered that she was covered in mysterious tattoos, so Fleeda defaced them with a sharp pen, hopefully nullifying their power.

After dinner, Nilrac, a leader in House Veneret’s governing body, promised to help us bring House Turnaxion to justice, but he suggested doing so by revealing Ghubrak’s existence. Thorn and Fleeda disagreed, since the sleeping giant could destroy the world, so we still have a few wrinkles to iron out in our plans. When we all went to bed, Thorn foolishly decided to have a tête-à-tête with a dryad outside his bedroom window. He removed the boards sealing up the house, and Surprise! In jumped four blink dogs, a pixie, a quickling, and a displacer beast! Chaos ensued, with dogs teleporting everywhere, Krustov running around in his underwear, Fleeda turning into a giant cat and flinging thunderwaves, and Thorn getting turned into a rabbit and neutering the displacer beast! It was nuts! Anyway, the invaders rushed upstairs to rescue Katla. To stop them, Grisk snatched up the unconscious dwarf, but the quickling snatched Katla’s foot, and the three of them vanished! I don’t know what I’ll tell Mother, but let’s hope they didn’t teleport too far.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler