TGoV - Episode 15 - Loot and Scoot

In the words of Grisk, half-orc rogue and ex-Gatherer
played by Mari Murdock

Grisk Blog 200x200.png

Our battles beneath the mountains have been grueling but fruitful as Yados and Beleya still guide us in this sky-less place. We have unlocked many more mysteries of Dig 17, starting with Yorinn’s warehouse. Inside, we found many Rathomyran artifacts, including some mirrors, and when Krustov pointed out a portal that we might be able to activate with our small Rathomyran power stone, Thalian advised against it. Her research suggests that the Rathomyrans used astral magic to either corrupt or destroy their civilization long ago. Odrak volunteered to read through her academic papers to get a better sense of such ancient history. Meanwhile, with the mirrors, I reflected moonlight from a nearby balcony upon a sealed door, and Beleya’s blessing revealed it could only be opened with giant’s blood. Legitimate volunteered his own blood, somehow opening the door, which suggests a strange lineage that he is unaware of. Inside, we discovered the last hexagonal key to open the puzzle lock, and our pockets are now filled with more Rathomyran treasures.

Besides our efforts to unlock Rathomyran secrets, we have finally liberated the last of the prisoners. At Fleeda’s suggestion, the unjustly exploited Bonelanders plan to leave the mountain via the underground river to return to their lives on the ground. On the other hand, my mother Tunzug and the other liberated Cloudscapers propose to return to the sky cities to spread word of the Turnaxion crimes against their fellow citizens. This completes only one of many quests I must endure to destroy the criminal elements among the Turnaxion merchants. This journey began with the blood of Ronaldo and shall not end until I see the honor of Goremarrow restored.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler