TGoV - Episode 13 - No you pal-a-didn't!

In the words of Odrak, half-orc bard from Goremarrow
played by Howard Tayler

Odrak Ironthroat 200x200.png

Talk about real tunnel trouble. Our battle on the bridge resulted in Krustov getting captured while the rest of us, along with that aarakocra Aeri*al, holed up in a passageway with some of the freed prisoners. We finally managed to slay the dragonborn knight Tobroth with Thorn striking the killing blow after some Beleya-brand trickery. In a nearby temple, Grisk discovered a door sealed with a Rathomyran puzzle lock and a sleeping giant! Luckily, a nearby archmage named Rajovan seems much more interested in the giant than in us. Thorn, upon seeing it, collapsed into a trance, which he reported to be a vision given by the enormous being, an ancient god named Ghubrak. This unknown deity charged Thorn with killing him when the time was right, a daunting and somewhat blasphemous quest.

The Boneland prisoner Eirhwyd, whom Fleeda mightily fancies, told us the rest of the captives, including Fleeda’s father Yunstag, are being held the lowest cavern. They should return to the dig site soon, so we decided to wait in the “haunted” room. Another dragonborn researcher named Thalian found us, and after some schmoozing, I gained her trust. She wants to open the puzzle door by locating hexagonal rune keys. Grisk pointed us toward a possible cache with a trap, so Thalian taught us how to disarm it by removing its Rathomyran power source, which Fleeda did as a giant spider, though she took a severe fireball to the face. We only have three more keys to find, though what’s hidden behind that door better be worth all this trouble. I mean, the tale has to have a good ending to make a worthwhile song.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler
Aeri*al - Natasha Ence, guest