TGoV - Episode 12 - Flight of the Dragonborn

In the words of Fleeda, human druid of the Hanahign
played by Charlie Holmberg

Fleeda Blog 200x200.png

Thank the Above, the Afoot, and the Below for finally blessing me with the first fruits of my quest! The gods have reunited me with my dearest Eirhwid, my fellow Hanahign tribe member and potential life mate. He has been held prisoner for the last three years by Kallu Expeditions, carving out the ruins inside this wretched mountain. I found him freeing other prisoners during a distraction caused by my Cloudscape companions. Krustov and Legitimate drew the attention of all the guards by causing a commotion in the great cavern through conjured illusions of specters and shouting about the mountain being haunted. This led me, Grisk, Odrak, and Tunzug to their location, and I transformed into a giant two-headed spider king and crawled down the 400-foot drop to save them from the approaching dragonborn guards. After climbing back up to the bridge, we ambushed a troop of them, and Grisk and Legitimate managed to knock many down to their deaths with use of a rope. Despite our many successful attacks, the tide of battle has shifted, and Eirhwid mentioned the presence of an archmage somewhere in the fortress. I refuse to die so soon after finding Eirhwid again, but only with the protection of the Below can we possibly escape with our lives and free the rest of the prisoners.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler