TGoV - Episode 11 - The Haunting of Dig 17

Part 1

In the words of Grisk, half-orc rogue and ex-Gatherer
played by Mari Murdock

Grisk Blog 200x200.png

I’m finally reunited with Mother and Odrak, our first meeting since discovering the corruption in Goremarrow, and Yados burn us if we don’t fight to undo the evil of Kallu Expeditions. The battle at the dock drove me inside the Rathomyran ruins alone, and as I explored the tunnels, I found the dragonborn collecting dozens of Rathomyran artifacts. I wandered into a room marked “haunted,” wherein lay a pit trap that swallowed up those unlucky enough to enter. Ignobly, I likewise fell into it. Odrak, having always been a clever liar, charismatically gained entrance to the mountain fortress on the excuse of being a Cloudscape “auditor.” He befriended his guard Garnath who showed him the haunted room. Playing his bagpipes to scare away the ghosts, Odrak unwittingly alerted me and our mother to his location. Thanks to Garnath’s strong hips, Mother got me, and Odrak, out of the pit. Now, we hope to regroup with Fleeda, Krustov, and Legy. Hopefully, they haven’t been captured.

Part 2

In the words of Krustov, tiefling cleric to Pardol
played by Brian McClellan

Krustov Blog 200x200.png

Nothing feels better than the prospect of gold, and boy, do Turnaxions have a lot of it. After our battle on the dock, Legy, Aeri*al, and I had Marlasar Turnaxion as our captive. He insisted we could have all the money in his safe, so we had him write a ransom note to his fellow dragonborn to help us obtain it. Then, we snuck into the mountain fortress by swimming up a river into an underground lake inside, but our splashing attracted some guards. They hauled us into their rowboat, so we tricked them into believing the cavern was haunted. Legy conjured illusions of a dragonborn body in the water, Aeri*al filled the air with laughing skulls, and I made sure our rowboat didn’t go anywhere no matter how hard the guard paddled, thanks to my immovable rod. Our shenanigans have probably alerted nearly everyone inside the mountain of our presence, so let’s hope Grisk and Fleeda are taking advantage of this insane distraction we’re causing.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler
Aeri*al - Natasha Ence, guest