TGoV - Episode 10 - Battle of the Hole

In the words of Legitimate, half-elf paladin to Yados and Beleya
played by Ethan Sproat

Legy Blog 200x200.png

I don’t usually feel regret. Tatterhood beat it out of me with all our daring… dares. But today, I really lost. I led the charge against our dragonborn foes on an airship dock in the Stormthrone Mountains. My stalwart followers and I promptly face-planted while disembarking the Buoyant Flame. However, setting foot in the Bonelands for the first time gave me access to awesome power, and in the name of Yados, I burned up our enemies! And melted my sword.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Krustov conjured a giant skull apparition to bash people in the face, and he used his immovable rod to immobilize a knight face-down in a grease pit. Fleeda beast-formed into a giant spider to scuttle beneath the dock, surprise-attacking a wizard and slamming some archers over a cliff. Grisk also knocked a Turnaxion merchant named Marlasar off the edge, but that scary aarakocra Aeri*al saved him, bribing the coward with his life to stop the battle. He tried but was ignored by the rest of the dragonborn.

By this time, enemy reinforcements overpowered me, and all our soldiers fell. I’m told that Fleeda, Grisk, and Tunzug retreated inside the enemy’s Rathomyran mountain fortress. Krustov jumped off the dock with his immovable rod to freeze in midair over the 500-foot drop. Aeri*al recovered my body by scaring the dragonborn away, but my weight caused us to tumble over the edge with Marlasar. Thank Yados, we caught hold of Krustov on the way down, and Aeri*al air-lifted us one by one to safety.

With our party divided and our comrades slain or captured, I mourn our defeat. Only with Yados and Beleya’s help may we free the other Kallu Expeditions prisoners. Next time, I may not storm their front gates… But what would Tatterhood do?

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Aeri*al - Natasha Ence, guest