TGoV - Episode 7 - Family Love

In the words of Odrak Ironthroat, bard and brother to Grisk
played by Howard Tayler

Odrak Ironthroat 200x200.png

(accompanied by multipitch drum and bagpipe) 

Oh, glorious reprieve, a boon of Fate’s own hand! 
I regained my sister from a faraway land. 
‘Twas only the Bonelands, instead of Morlen's realm.
Reunion is sweet, enough to overwhelm!  

*bagpipe blast* 

quest from Goremarrow to seek the illithid
Who betrayed her master, that thieving giant squid! 
I vow to find the fiend and collect the bounty, 
To flay the mindflayer and wallop her soundly! 

*long bagpipe blast*

Ouch! Okay, I’ll stop singing, Grisk. Unmusical pleb. To continue, my investigation brought us to Dhizzurthyaldorukal, the beholder captain of the watch in Skavrock. After Fleeda charmed him with some good berries, he shared that Qurgozil had some dealings with House Amaphel, the great elven merchant family. gained us entry to their outpost but not before the Skavrock leviathan’s eye stalk curiously stared at Fleeda. We then met the mad Lady Aradari who told us that Krustov’s artifact, The Benediction, was a devastating weapon that Qurgozil intends to give to Morlen, goddess of darkness. Around this time, I realized that Aradari was actually the wanted murderer and chaos mage Zeniver! Grisk agreed to help me collect Zeniver’s bounty, but the fight escalated into a high-speed slug and horse chase! Zeniver’s servants nearly killed us, so I smashed their getaway rickshaw with an earthquake. We now travel home to Goremarrow to ask an illithid about Qurgozil’s possible whereabouts. I’m sure mother will be pleased that I’m bringing home Grisk. The return of a presumably dead daughter by her gallant brother! Ah, the stuff of adventure ballads! I should write this down.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Verity Vale - Mikki Helmer, guest
Odrak Ironthroat - Howard Tayler, guest