TGoV - Episode 9 - Prison Drop

Part 1

In the words of Scab, orc Gatherer, first mate to Captain Grisk
NPC played by GM Dan Wells

Scab Blog 200x200.png

I’m back in Goremarrow! The glorp is just as slimy, The Usual Watering Hole is just as shady, and the leviathan’s illusions are just as scary! It’s good to be home.

Captain Grisk decided that Ronaldo, after spilling the beans on Kallu Expeditions, should be punished for his crimes. Fleeda stabbed him with a poisoned hairpin, Krustov rolled him up in a rug, and we tossed him over the edge of the leviathan. We then snuck back into the prison archives to forge some paperwork to guarantee that Grisk’s mother Tunzug and our old friend Legitimate Thorn would be “released” after “dying” of consumption. Afterwards, we joined the privateer Captain Teddrick for dinner at The Dunken Maiden. He was supposed to transport Kallu Expeditions’ next shipment of prisoners, so we shared all that we knew about their treachery. Luckily, he found it as despicable as we did, and he agreed to help us free the prisoners and destroy the labor camp. Unfortunately, the orc prison guard Gorumlph heard those plans, so Krustov and Grisk had to convince him to take a loooong vacation to Ryncardia.

The next morning, Grisk said she was giving up her Gatherer captainship because of Goremarrow’s corruption, and I didn’t need to follow her anymore. Maybe one day, she’ll return. I can’t say I’ll miss them. They were always asking me to carry really heavy things. I might miss Krustov a tiny bit. He’s no Snard but he’s a good back up best friend.

Part 2

In the words of Aeri*al, the creepiest aarakocra warlock
played by Natasha Ence

Aeri-al Blog 200x200.png

Jailed for being creeps. Is not creeps, but they took gem and book! *squawk* Met paladin Legy in cell. He creeped but he shiny. Went down hole with Legy and Tunzug, but wings tied so no flying! Got back gem and book. Met Grisk, Fleeda, and Krustov, who has shiny skull but won’t share. Legy, Fleeda, and Krustov had missionary contest. Fleeda won! *squawk* Legy trained prisoners with spears. We reached Stormthrone Mountains and saw Rathomir ruins. Too many dragonborn! Legy charged, so now time for fight! Battle magic with gem and book! *squawk!*

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Aeri*al - Natasha Ence, guest

Mari Murdock