TGoV - Episode 8 - Papers, Please

In the words of Calasis, human cleric to Ceru
played by Jayrod Garrett

Calasis Blog 200x200.png

In all my travels led by Ceru’s Lighthouse, I have never found such a hell hole as Goremarrow. Tales of its honorable governance are lies, and my search for Rumi, my incredibly handsome drowish boyfriend, revealed only corruption and ridiculous bureaucracy. While waiting to speak with the prison warden Brokdar Skyfist, I met some travelers who hid a giant centipede named Fleeda in a backpack. They seemed familiar with Goremarrow’s tedious administration, so I followed their lead. Brokdar told Grisk and Odrak that their mother Tunzug had been arrested for rioting and insanity, accusing Goremarrow’s administration of selling prisoners to a Boneland labor camp.

Determined to find evidence for these claims, we followed a halfling named Toki’pobo, a cannibalistic Bonelander, who helped us sneak through the sewer into the prison archives. Inside the sewer, I thought I smelled... acquiescence... but Krustov assured me I was just crazy. In the archives, an orc named Zahlo Filecrusher showed us the undeniable paper trail linking unjustly jailed Cloudscapers and newly gathered Bonelanders to a consumption epidemic which killed prisoners mere days after their arrival in Goremarrow. Fleeda’s kin and my dear Rumi were among the diseased, but Toki insisted that she saw Rumi enter the doctor’s ward in perfect health, though he never left. The papers also mentioned a merchant company called Kallu Expeditions shipping unspecified cargo from Goremarrow to the Bonelands daily.

To confirm our suspicions, we interrogated a prison administrator named Ronaldo, an intimate friend of Grisk’s, who confessed that he and Brokdar took bribes from a Zenithian dragonborn named Caerax. They gave prisoners to Kallu Expeditions, though for what purpose, we still know not. I now board an airship to seek Rumi in the Bonelands, and I pray for Ceru’s light on my new friends, especially so Grisk may get over her breakup with Ronaldo without smashing too many of his bones.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Calasis - Jayrod Garrett, guest
Toki’pobo - Sandra Tayler, guest
Odrak Ironthroat - Howard Tayler, guest