TGoV - Episode 6 - Ensnared in the Air

In the words of Verity Vale, the dilettante detective barbarian 
played by Mikki Helmer

Verity Vale Blog 200x200.png

Treasure may be the end of me, but I have prevailed this time, thank Dezenor! My hunt led me deep into the Skavrock leviathan after my research revealed a trove in its sinus cavity. Unfortunately, a belligerant ochre jelly forced my indecorous retreat through a mucus-sauced snot hole. Forgive my vulgarity. One cannot avoid crudeness during stories about the Dreamers. After falling into the monster’s windpipe, I found myself riding the air currents of its breath and battling an infestation of spiders alongside new of comrades named FleedaGriskKrustov, and Tatterhood. We mastered the airy lifts, crushed our foes, and retrieved a large load of xephyrite. Despite my desire to continue to the sinus trove, the party insisted on exiting the leviathan, so I followed for their safety. 

We rested at Vak Zanith’s compound, and the next morning, the generous nalfeshnee gathered us for a private audience. Apparently, Krustov was selling him a Rathomyran artifact known as The Benediction, a powerful relic tied to the dark goddess Morlen and the ascension of people into the Cloudscape. Before the deal was done, the illithid Qurgozil stole it, using its mysterious power to disappear. Vak Zanith unbecomingly rampaged at her betrayal, but after smashing his librarian Khoddoszek, he regained proper composure, nobly gifting us magical items as compensation for the broken deal. Considering their luck in coming across artifacts like The Benediction and the riches in Vak Zanith’s private collection, I shall stick with these travelers for a bit. It may only be a matter of time before I find some treasure worth my while.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Tatterhood - Kristy Stewart, guest
Verity Vale - Mikki Helmer, guest