TGoV - Episode 5 - Enter the Giant

In the words of Tatterhood, the half-elf sorcerer with a spoon
played by Kristy Stewart

Tatterhood Blog 200x200.png

My best mate Legitimate and I undertook one of our most deranged rounds of betting yet! Qurgozil, whom Legy fondly calls the squid lady, hired us to accompany Fleeda, Grisk, and Krustov inside the body of Skavrock’s leviathan to mine raw xephyrite! Legy made a bet with Fleeda: first one to fall due to poison owes the other 47 gold. Legy will surely have to pay up. We Bonelanders are tough. 

Inside the Dreamer’s body, we wandered through a hollow eyestalk tunnel, a bodily humor waterslide, a collapsed lung, a semi-mined xephyrite ribcage, and a necromancer’s flesh grotto. We defeated a jabbering blob of mouths and eyes with little difficulty, but then a band of gnoll and bugbear guards showed up. Fleeda turned into a giant bull, but we weren’t in the moo-d to fight and ran like cow-ards. We fled into a windpipe when a blast of air flung us all into a slimy pit full of pustule worms! Writhing in the mucus, we smashed the maggoty monsters until I healed the gaping sore with my spoon to buy us time to escape. 

Now, dripping with bodily goop and loaded with exactly 50 pounds of xephyrite, all we have to do is exit this meaty hell potato. Grisk slunk into the windpipe’s gaping valve, hopefully looking for a way out. Though Krustov keeps muttering how worthless his skull is and how we may as well die for spite, I think we are doing just great. Thanks, trusty spoon. 

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate Thorn - Ethan Sproat, guest
Tatterhood - Kristy Stewart, guest