TGoV - Episode 4 - To the Cloudscape!

In the words of Grummund, the sky dwarf pirate captain

played by Robison Wells

Grummund Blog 200x200.png

After an unduly long stay in the Bonelands, we’ve finally made it back up to the free-flowing breeze and neighboring stars of the Cloudscape! Argh, it’s good to be back in the sky! Like most high-sky adventures, wealth once again calls me forth! I struck up a deal with Captain Teddrick to take us to the flying city of SkavrockGrisk mumbled something about villains and getting shanked, but that’s utter nonsense. This pirate haven is home to the entrepreneurial spirit, and so long as we avoid getting robbed, warped, or roped into the blood arena, we can unload Krustov’s Rathomyran artifact for a more than fair price. My contact Vak Zanith, a nalfeshnee of generous reputation, and his illithid assistant Qurgozil graciously hosted us, offering us drinks and baths and access to their library, though Seggrwyrd took his leave when the accountants Ixxon and Khoddoszek appeared. I suppose some people find ghost jellyfish and animated corpses unsettling. Vak Zanith offered us 26,000 gold for the artifact after a trial of faith. All we have to do is mine 30 pounds of raw xephyrite from Skavrock’s bones. Talk about easy gold. Fleeda is apprehensive about going deep inside an ancient sleeping monster’s body, but Cloudscapers mine the bones of the levianthans every day! What could possibly go wrong?

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Grummund - Robison Wells
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Seggrwyrd - Alan Bahr