TGoV - Episode 2 - Into the Bonelands

In the words of Krustov, the Cloudscape tiefling "cleric"

played by Brian McClellan

Krustov Blog 200x200.png

I made so many friends over the last few days as we raided the ship for maps, battled through the jungle, and continued our journey toward Rockhold. After a delightful reunion with the half-orc Gatherer named Snard, he took an unfortunate trip down a tree. I then made brief acquaintances with Captain Glarg, a gluttonous half-ogre who followed Snard in a hurry. This made Grisk, who doesn’t like me very much YET, captain of that derelict sky ship. Luckily, Scab, the last Gatherer and definitely not mutinous half-orc, joined our band to carry our load of precious xephyrite. After fearlessly vanquishing a swamptopus, which didn’t dare lay a finger on me, and exploding some magmen security guards, we made it to Rockhold where we met Sohar, a dwarf who loves public displays of presents. Though we lost Fleeda for a bit and my best pal Seggrwyrd got spooked into a rage by a giant poodle-sized centipede, we made it safely! Now Grummund is negotiating passage back to the Cloudscape. I do not intend to return topside, so I may take my leave of this ragtag band soon, but not before sticking my hands in a few more of their pockets.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Grummund - Robison Wells
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Seggrwyrd - Alan Bahr