TGoV - Episode 20 - Party of the Clouds

In the words of Grisk, ex-guard of Goremarrow
played by Mari Murdock

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Yados’ light be blessed. Through her guidance, we reunited with our Bonelander jotunblut Seggrwyrd! The barbarian appeared with his stewpot and a request: to help him attend the exclusive Ministry Gala on Zenith. He, like Legitimate, has been tasked with slaying Ghubrak, and he believes that knowing about a god’s dreams might unlock the way to do this. Nilrac of House Veneret agreed to trade Seggrwyrd’s stew recipe for tickets to this event, but our attendance might not have been worth the cost in trouble.

First of all, we had to wear fancy clothes, and it’s always a grim day when I have to wear a dress. Second, we learned that Krustov is a Lakust, the notorious family that runs the Necromancer Guild in the Verdenfleet. Apparently, he stole the Benediction from the Guild, and his father sent agents after Krustov and even killed his own son when they could not find him. His brothers Dimitri and Boris Lakust (the dead one) came to the Gala, and they insisted on taking Krustov with them by force. Meanwhile, Legitimate flirted with a Janth named Gabriela Morning Sun on the Curve of the Horizon, and Odrak stuffed his face with cocktail shrimp to blend in. Eventually, Seggrwyrd spoke with Tadhion, the Tiefling god of Love and the Forge, asking them what they dreamed about. Tadhion said they dreamed of Seggrwyrd himself.

Before we could understand the vision, Seggrwyrd punched Dimitri, encouraging a mob of dragonborn knights and orcish police to attack. To justify the attack, Brokdar Skyfist, the corrupt warden of Goremarrow, shouted that we were criminals, but Odrak undercut his accusation by bellowing that the food had been poisoned, and the Gala exploded into chaos. In the fray, Legitimate killed a dragonborn knight named Daxanar, Seggrwyrd gravely injured Dimitri, and there were a few collateral victims, including Gabriela. The violence only stopped when an immensely powerful Brightgarden ki-rin interceded.

I don’t know exactly what this disastrous party fight cost us, but I fear Brokdar is now right: this Gala brawl makes us criminals. I took no part in the violence, but I honor my allegiance to my friends and accept their fate as my own. Cloudscape laws must be kept, and I shall bow to the strong hand of justice, even if it delays my mission to purge Goremarrow of Brokdar’s treachery.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler
Seggrwyrd - Alan Bahr, guest