TGoV - Episode 19 - Truth in the Skies

In the words of Legitimate, a true son of Thorn
played by Ethan Sproat

Legy Ghubrak Blog 200x200.png

The stories my mother told me have been confirmed! I do have Thorn blood in my veins!

After Grisk’s kidnapping, Odrak led the charge to retrieve his sister, and we followed a blood trail left by the fleeing fey. Thanks to Fleeda’s spells, we snuck past a drow, several Turnaxion guards, and some frightening shadow figures who were searching for us. However, Odrak revealed himself to an orcish police investigator named Klard Dent, recruiting his help. We also found the mindflayer Qurgozil, who begged us to rescue Katla, explaining that the dwarf was a powerful psychic who could help her retrieve the Benediction. With Klard and Qurgozil, we continued on, eventually coming to a warehouse guarded by a purple turkey.

Meanwhile, Grisk was locked inside that very warehouse, the hiding place of the Court of Thorns called Brickmeadow Grove. Apparently the Eladrin nobles of the Court are aware of the Benediction and Ghubrak, and they questioned Grisk about our recent exploits in Dig 17. Luckily, she escaped with the still sedated Katla in tow by intimidating the jailer, a boggle named Moich whose habit of excreting oil became useful later. Moich tricked an Eladrin named Belavir into opening the gates, and we all reunited outside.

Belavir recognized me as having the blood of a Thorn Eladrin, but the joyful revelation was spoiled when he attacked. Luckily, Krustov obliterated the purple turkey, sending splats of necrotic meat everywhere. I did not want to slay my newly found kinsman, and luckily, Odrak super-heated Belavir’s scimitar, which fell into a Moich oil puddle. The pool ignited, shooting fire throughout the warehouses and covering our escape. I am sure I will face Belavir again when I investigate my newly revealed position at the Court of Thorns. Maybe I will finally find my father there.

Cast List:
GM - Dan Wells
Fleeda - Charlie Holmberg
Grisk - Mari Murdock
Krustov - Brian McClellan
Legitimate - Ethan Sproat
Odrak - Howard Tayler