About Us

A group of successful science fiction, fantasy, and gaming writers are preparing to launch a new universe together—in format they’ve never tried before! SpellCheck RPG will be an ongoing role-playing game that streams live on Twitch every Tuesday night from 7-10MST.

As a group, the members of SpellCheck RPG will adventure in a world they’ve collaboratively created named Vaeron. Throughout the sessions, the dungeon master and five game players will make use of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition rule system to take their characters through a dark and heroic world in which cities have been built on the backs of slumbering eldritch monsters, stone-age dangers lurk in the lands below, and sky-ships plunder both land and air! 

The authors combine for a direct social media reach of over one hundred thousand, with three million books sold in more than thirty languages. They’ve hit the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Bestseller lists. Their awards include a Hugo, a Gemmell, an SSYRA, multiple Parsecs, Whitneys, and Stabbys, as well as finalists in the RITA and Goodreads Choice Awards. They have worked on major Hollywood IPs, have multiple film options as well as a very successful podcast with sixty thousand listeners, and even an award-winning movie on Netflix.